Neil Mackay

Neil Mackay (BSc (Waterloo; Canada), DPhil (York; UK) is a senior research scientist in the environmental safety assessment group of DuPont Crop Protection. Active in strategic product development and regulatory exposure and risk assessment activities. DuPont representative on the European Crop Protection Association’s Environmental Exposure Assessment Team. Previous work experience includes employment as a consultant to both industry and government bodies, primarily in Europe. Participant in the exposure assessment working group of the Feed Additives Panel (FEEDAP) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Commission sponsored FOCUS Landscapes, Ecology and Mitigation Group and was an environmental risk assessment panel member of the UK government expert advisory group on veterinary medicines. Particular interests include aquatic risk assessment, use and promotion of practical and effective mitigation strategies. Member of the organising committee for a number of international conferences including IUPAC, BCPC and SETAC. He has also run a number of special symposia and short courses – either under contract to the European Commission, European regulatory authorities or SETAC.

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