Gerhard Goerlitz

After studying  Chemistry at the University Saarbrücken and finishing there with a PhD at the Institute of Applied Physical Chemistry. Gerhard Goerlitz worked since 1982 for Hoechst AG and its successor companies Agrevo and Aventis CropScience as Analytical Chemist, Head of the Product Analysis Group and Head of Analytics and Quality Management. Since 2002 he is  Head of Environmental Modelling at Bayer CropScience AG, located at Monheim, Germany.

He started environmental modelling of plant protection products in the late 80´s and has since then actively worked in this field for most of the time. He participated in several international projects, e.g. COST66, EUFRAM, ELINK. Since it´s foundation in 1994 he was a member of the FOCUS Steering Committee. Presently he chairs the ECPA Environmental Exposure Assessment Team (EEAT). He was involved in the EFSA project on emissions from protected crops as a Hearing Expert and participated in several  stakeholder workshops on the topic.  As a member of the organizing committee of the SETAC MAgPIE workshop he supported specifically the topic of risk mitigation for groundwater.

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