Risk Mitigation for the Protection of Water

The regulatory risk assessment of pesticides aims at defining the conditions of use that lead to acceptable risks and, when applied to ground water or surface, the conditions of use that guarantees that quality criteria are respected.  This may include the request for risk mitigation measures, applied to application rates or frequency, hydro/pedological criteria, application methods or farming practices. This session will cover the following aspects of risk mitigation in the area of water protection:

  • Identification and/or development of risk mitigation measures applied to ground or surface water
  • Methods to evaluate/measure the potential efficacy of novel risk mitigation measures, including modeling and monitoring
  • Approaches to routinely monitor the efficacy of risk mitigation measures implemented in the field.






15 Khedim A, Feddag A, Bengueddach A Elimination of pollutants by synthetic zeolite
28 Dousset Sylvie Pilot-scale wetlands to assess impacts of water flow on pesticide removal from drainage water
35 Menad Karima Synthesis and modification by ion exchange of the composite core-shell
100 Fait Gabriella Merlin-expo, an integrated exposure assessment tool for pesticides legislation requirements
101 Szegedi Krisztian First experience with the new efsa guidance on exposure assessment in soil – an industry perspective
102 Hoogeweg C.G. Assessing groundwater vulnerability of a avian feed additive in europe
103 Hoogeweg Gerco Modelling best management practices for sugarcane in the pioneer river watershed
104 Yemadje Sabine Karen Forcing macro pesticides fate model with stics crop model to simulate pesticides flows in innovative cropping systems
105 Olchin Gabriel Realistic approaches to define representative application dates for focus exposure modelling
106 Alix Anne Development of a harmonized risk mitigation toolbox dedicated to pesticides in farmland in europe: outcome of the magpie workshop
107 Diamantopoulos Efstathios Introducing the hydrus (2d/3d) software suite for assessing potential risk of polluting groundwater with pesticidesintroducing the hydrus (2d/3d) software suite for assessing potential risk of polluting groundwater with pesticides
108 Marucco Paolo Study of the effect of a new adjuvant on spray drift
109 Pucelik-Günther Petra Risk assessment and risk mitigation for aerial uses of pesticides
110 Sittig Stephan Risk assessment for protected crops – approaches towards harmonized leaching scenarios
111 Balboni Mauro New tools for environmental risk assessment of co-formulants under reach