The XV Symposium in Pesticide Chemistry will start at 13:30, September the 2nd and will end at 13:30, September the 4th.

Participants registration will be open the first day at 11 pm.

The conference will present the latest research into the environmental fate of pesticides through the modelling,  the scientific developments in process characterization, the risk characterization and its management during the plant protection use in agriculture.

The approach in this edition is to strength the  integration of the different aspects of the pesticide science from the scale effect – upscaling/downscaling from/to laboratory studies to landscape studies – to the  environmental spheres – soil, water, plant, atmosphere – to ecosystem services and the multi functionalities of the agricultural farms.

With this view the horizontal drivers of the conference are  the use of models in the broad spectrum of applications required by the policy, decision maker, monitor, tutor, farmers  and science consistently with measurement and  verification.  With this aim abstract on basic process such as sorption, volatilization, degradation and plant uptake, analytical methods, ecological services, best practice, policy and management, should be presented.

The steering committee together with the session moderators have selected the oral and poster presentations that fit in the following sessions:

  1. LABORATORY STUDIES (Sept 2, 13:30)
  2. FIELD STUDIES  (Sept 3, 8:50 to 9:50)
  3. LANDSCAPE STUDIES (Sept 3, 11:20 to 15:30)
  4. MONITORING (Sept 3, 15:30 to 18:00) 
  5. RISK MITIGATION (Sept 4, 11:30 to 13:30)
  6. SUSTAINABLE USE (Sept 4, 11:30 to 13:30).

To see all approved presentations for each session visit session pages (by clicking the links above).

Accepted abstract will be published in a proceeding book and together with supplementary documentation will be open access in the website.

Abstract submission was due by 1st of April.

The following timetable/schedule has been set in the 2015:

  • Call for paper,  1 April – EXTENDED to 11 April
  • Acceptance of the paper, 16 April – EXTENDED to 4 May
  • Submission final summary, 20 May – EXTENDED to 30 June
  • Revision  by secretariat, 20 June
  • Final submission concluded, 1 July – EXTENDED to 20 August for Supporting Documents
  • Proceedings on line (participant), 1 August
  • Online registration from 1 April
  • Final program, 1 August



Coffe breaks, Lunch breaks and Social Dinner are all events scheduled in the social program, get additional information here.